Publish your building automation system to the Web quickly and easily with the Reliable Controls® MACH‑ProWebSys™. The first 3‑in‑1 device of its kind, the MACH‑ProWebSys combines a BTL‑listed BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC), a BTL‑listed BACnet Operator Workstation (B‑OWS), and a powerful web server, all in a single package with an installed footprint of a typical building controller. The MACH‑ProWebSys provides high speed 10/100 Ethernet, SMART‑Net communications, 12 inputs and 8 outputs, and protocol support for BACnet®, RCP, and Modbus RTU and TCP (both master and slave). Additional points are added to the MACH‑ProWebSys using convenient MACH‑ProPoint™ expansion modules. Up to 7 MACH‑ProPoint expansion modules can be added to each MACH‑ProWebSys controller.

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Application Diagram:

Connect up to 7 MACH‑ProPoint™ expansion modules (MPP‑IO, MPP‑O and/or MPP‑I) with a maximum input count of 128, and a maximum output count of 120 per controller. Expansion modules are daisychained to the I/O‑Net port of the controller in any combination while limiting the total inputs, outputs, and modules below maximum.